We operate from Brno, Czech Republic. Our strategic partners are based in Dubai, UAE and Karachi Pakistan gives us a competitive advantage to offer an unbeatable price for best quality product / stock with an instant delivery option.

Pitted Dates
Date Fruit

Wholesale Dates Suppliers: We are active suppliers of all types of Dates (Organic Dates, Aseel Dates, Pitted Dates, Diced Dates, Chopped Dates, Date Paste, Date Powder, Date Bars, Pitted Dates Pressed Blocks), different dried Fruits and Nuts based in Brno, Czech Republic. We supply all types of dried fruit and nuts everywhere in the European Union (EU) region. Our team sources the quality products from all over the world.

Classic Fruit and Nuts is a Certified Organic Dates supplier (Biokont – CZ-BIO-003).