Aseel Dates for Sweet Dishes

Pitted Dates

Dates are great for making sweet and savory cooking. Dates are one of best fruit varieties comes from the date palm. Dates are one of nature’s sweetest bounty rich with multiple nutrients.

You may find them in the shelves of a store placed with dried fruit. The dates are also used as snacks because, like dried fruits, they’re chewy, soft and sweet.

Dates come in different forms like pitted (seedless), diced (chopped), Paste, Syrup and powder.

Pitted Dates are truly candy-like stuff, with a soft skin that make your each bite delightful and tasty because its natural sweetness.

You can eat Diced Dates or Chopped in breakfast by mixing with nuts and cereals or sprinkling on dessert.

Date Paste is made from pitted dates or diced dates. Date Paste is used in making energy bars and energy bites in different flavors by mixing dried fruits like apple, strawberry, cherry, almond, walnut, cashew etc.

Aseel Dates of Pakistan are the most preferred dates for making bars or bites because of their softness, superb sweetness, rich in natural nutrients, long shelf life and amazing cost effectiveness.

Classic Fruit & Nuts s.r.o. is the strategic partner with original growers of Aseel Dates offering best quality products manufactured from the dates including pitted dates, diced dates, date paste and powder.

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